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International Tarot Reader With Claircognizant &  Clairsentience Psychic Abilities

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Terms & Codes

International Psychic Intuituve Goddes Tarot Clair


1. Readings are done solely for 18's and above.


Payment Method

2. I can only accept all payments through PayPal. PayPal is a secure on-line payment centre. PayPal accepts MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Discover and eCheck.

If even you a Non-PayPal member, you can still use this service at no extra cost.



3. I will always do my best to give the very best advice, guidance and insight in your Tarot reading, but you have the free will to choose whether you will take this guidance or not. You are therefore responsible for your actions following your Tarot reading.


What I do not provide

4. I do not offer any type of financial, legal, health assistance.



5. I reserve the right to refuse any reading if I choose.


Payment & refunds

6. In ordering a reading, you are paying for the exchange of my time and experience in reading the cards of your preferred deck and a written document containing my Knowledge, therefor I am unable to offer any refunds once the reading is already done.


Review or feedback

7. I may personally ask you for feedback on your reading on for display on my website, but I will only publish it with your express permission, and without any information that could identify you.


Time predictions

8. I do not predict any timings or the exact date of the outcome of any situation in regards to your reading. The tarot can give some numbers during readings which could mean days, weeks, month or even years, so best not to be focused on future dates, rather look at it as your reading will be more informative.



9. All Tarot readings are private and confidential and is not shared with anyone other than the client and myself unless client gives permission to share online. Any personal reading seen on my YouTube channel have been greatned the full permission by the ananymous client.


Purpose of reading

10. These Tarot, Oracle and Angel readings are provided for ‘spiritual guidance’ purposes only.

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