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Some Tips

A. When you book for a reading, be open minded, don’t presume your own answers in your mind when you asking for a reading, because if you already have answer, then no need to ask that same question.


B. If you are blocked, your energy could affect your reading in a way that the reader might not get all your answers for your reading. I know this for a fact.


C.  People always ask for timing with their reading. For e.g., How long do I have to wait to meet my soulmate? This is a very frequent question that I get. My personal take is that, sometimes it best to let things flow and happen naturally. The tarot can give you some numbers, which could mean days, weeks, month or even years, so best not to be focused on future dates rather accept that your reading will be more informative and you can make sense of your reading. Please also note that things can change in your life that could also affect your reading which means things could delay and sometimes for your own good.


D.  Once you have had your reading, don’t forget that your reading is also a guide for you in your life path so it will be best to take steps for your reading to manifest for you. There are some readings where you don’t need to do much or anything but we all know that as the universe and our angles give us directions and help, we also have to do our part to bring things into fruition.


E. When giving a feedback or a review, you don’t have to talk about what your reading was about. You can write about the accuracy and your general overall feeling about your reading. If it was informative enough for you and if it’s a future reading, has it come to fruition yet or did you resonate with the reading you received.

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I hope these tips helps :-).