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Divination: Use natural medicine for aliments. Pay attention to your boundaries. Dig deep into the past, access your memories and cut yourself free. Examine your deepest intentions and roots. Live in the present moment.


Find your own direction and face challenges with equanimity. You have the power to decide. Pay particular attention to your environment.


Healing insight; Being true to yourself is the basis of well-being, spiritually and physically.

Card 4 - Perseli Bluestone

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Reading 4

You have taking too many things on and as you are already committed to these things, you have to find a balance to make anything worth your while.


As you feel giving up is not an option right now, however you also need to know when to get help because, you will find the right people around you, who can give you the help, advice, support and direction you need in order for you to achieve the right balance and to finish your projects or anything that is a burden for you.


Don't be too proud to ask for help

Key Word: Direction & Challenges i.e. Hierophant & Ten Of Wands 

Please note the message with this crystal card could be your actual answer or it could add to your tarot reading below.