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Divination: Become a vehicle for the healing of the environment by opening yourself to higher vibrational energies. Do not participate in anything that despoils the planet or diminishes its resources. Work with your power animal and nourish your inner being.

Take no risk and avoid excesses.


Healing insight: If your environment is unhealthy and disharmonious, it cannot support wellbeing. Transform it and well-being returns.

Card 2 - Lavender Aragonite

Pick A Card Lavenda Argonite

Reading 2

If you are having problems with  your business or in your work environment, whether its finances related or communication or things have not been going well for a while, worry no more, because it will soon come to an end and you will have your joy back and a smile on your face again.


For some of you, you might be facing obstacles in your travels due to miscommunication with authorities and some of you are looking for financial help to assist you to make your business or your trip a reality, you will soon see positive turn around in your situation that will leave you feeling very happy.

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Key Word: Higher, energies i.e The Sun & Night of wand