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Pick A Card Crystal Reading

Hello there and welcome to pick a crystal card reading page. In case you are wondering what this is about, it’s very simple. This is a very interesting way of picking a pre-tarot reading spread that can answer some questions or fit in a situation that you may have in mind.


The best way to get your reading is by letting your guides lead you to pick a card number between 1 and 4 that is listed with the pre-tarot reading. Take a moment and have a good think of your situation and look closely at the oracle crystal cards and pick a number. Once you are ready, click on your selected oracle crystal card number between 1 – 4 and your reading will be revealed to you.


In case you are wondering how the oracle crystal card are selected for this type of tarot reading, Firstly, I say a prayer, then allow my guides to pick the crystal cards, usually 3 or 4. I then shuffle the tarot deck and divide them into 3 or 4 groups from the same deck. Then a crystal card is assigned to the divided unread tarot group randomly. I never know which tarot reading accompanies the crystal card until all the tarot readings are completed.


Each oracle crystal card comes with its meaning and reading as well. It may go hand in hand with your tarot reading or your actual reading could be found through the oracle crystal card that is assigned to the tarot reading you pic. Have fun.

Pick A Card Moldavite Lavenda Argonite Quantum Quattro Preseli Bluestone READING 1 – Moldavite READING 2 – Lavender Aragonite READING 3 – Quantum Quattro READING 4 – Perseli Bluestone