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By guest, Jul 4 2019 03:04PM

Tarot reading or divination has become more accepted these days as we now welcome it as the new age. Years ago, tarot readers or fortune tellers were frowned upon and it was mainly associated with elderly or gypsy women. People with less knowledge about this spiritual practice have described these individuals as witches without actually knowing what they are talking about. Of-cause a tarot reader is not the same as a witch however there are some spiritual people who like to combined the two practices for work in assisting individuals who seek help for guidance and some for healing and self understanding purposes.

The art of tarot reading has been around for quite some time now and it origins or the time of invention has yet not been verified properly. The Tarot deck which is made up of both major and minor arcana cards. It is believed that the major arcana cards are seen as a certainly mean or set to manifest and can't be changed, however the minor arcana cards are seen or perceived as situations that can be avoided once it's presented in a reading when the tarot is consulted.

Lets face it there are different types of tarot readers. Some are very intuitive while some are just mesmerized by the art work on the divination cards and read for people for and entertainment purposes. While some tarot readers get immersed in getting a genuine and a deeper understanding of a situation they are reading or performing divination about. Some card readers go by their own format of reading or go exactly by what that particular card means or by the interpretation of that card which appears in a reading. Other tarot reads are so creative in their field of expertise and they make the act of tarot reading a form or art and interesting.

Some people who seek the tarot's advise don't seem to have any believe in the reading they esquire about. These days there are many ways of of getting or asking for a private tarot reading which is readily available through many avenues such as social media platforms, paper advertising and also by word of mouth among others.

Some people who ask for private tarot reading especially on social media such as Facebook, Instagram or twitter, don't seem to take their readings seriously as most of these individuals just want a quick free reading; therefore they don't seem to have much value for the time the reader has invested in performing their reading for them.

Only a few percentage of individuals seeking advise from the tarot actually believe and show respect for the information given to them through the divination cards on social media. In fairness, the tarot readers time must be valued and respected whether the reading requested is paid or free.

There are more flexible ways of giving and receiving tarot readings, such as YouTube, DMs on social media such as Facebook, Whats App, Snap-Chat and so on. Some people still prefer the traditional face to face divination services which are normally held at the tarot reader's home or at a spiritualist or crystal shops in the market places.

Whichever way we look or see tarot reading, there is certainly a power in the tarot which is mainly picking up on the person receiving the reading's energy which has been sent to the universe through synchronicity. Yes the universe picks up our energy and where ever the tarot reader is performing a reading whether the receiver is physically present as a face to face or in a distant country, i know for sure the tarot never lies. Its how the reader interprets the combination of the images on the cards, presented as answered or wisdom for the receiver of the divination or tarot reading.

In conclusion, my personal finding through personal experiences is that the tarot corresponds with the energy we send into the universe and it is always picked up so if you are just looking for a tarot reading for fun or for wisdom and healing, have respect for the art of the scared divination cards in its own right and of cause you are the master of your own destiny therefore you can choose to take direction from the wisdom of the tarot from the reading you receive it or not.

Tarot Reading or Divination
Tarot Reading or Divination

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