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International Tarot Reader With Claircognizant &  Clairsentience Psychic Abilities

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I am Missy, thank you for stopping by my website. I welcome you in the name of love. If you are here, I believe you are looking for  healing or answers and I would be glad to assist you in finding just that.


I am an energy card reader and use Oracle, Angel deck and Traditional Tarot decks as a tool in predicting a possible outcome of a situation question that you are wondering about.


If you are new to Tarot card reading I am quite happy to let you know that there is nothing to be worried about. The Tarot cards are not harmful, they are a tool and can be used for both good and evil just like any other tool you can think of.


My personal take on Tarot reading is to be open minded and do not stress about the answers the cards will reveal or the divination that will come out of your reading. Whatever the prediction or the outcome of your Tarot reading, see it as an insight to prepare you for things that may come your way.


By having advanced knowledge, you would be able to manage or adjust to your situation better than not having any information at all.


When I do a reading, I will explain all the possible outcome of what the cards depicts. I will also use both my intuition in combination with my Claircognizance, Clairaudience and Clairsentient gifts.


Although  I have had all the four Clairvoyant gifts since I was very young and growing up as a Christian,however; I never though or new these are what people describe as psychic gifts. If you are inclined to get a reading from myself, I will be happy to service you in finding some answers to your situation.


Readings are mainly done by YouTube video.  You can visit my sample page here.


Thank you.

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